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June 23rd, 2008 Jackie

For some reason, Google being the number one search engine – a fact that hasn’t changed since 2002 – is hitting all the e-zines as the top news story of this Monday morning. MediaPost’s article “Google Stays at the Top of the Search Heap” does cite some interesting statistics, but the most fascinating thing about these numbers (in my opinion) isn’t that Google is at the top, it’s the sheer volume of searches being performed on sites and/or networks whose core focus is not search (e.g., Facebook, Amazon, MySpace).
According to Nielson’s latest stats, in May 2008:

  • Google’s share of the search market is 60% or 4.7 billion queries for the month
  • Yahoo’s share of searches was 17% or 21% (2.4 billion queries), according to Nielson or Comsore respectively
  • There were 10.8 billion search queries across Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and AOL
  • YouTube searches hit 2 billion in May
  • MySpace had 395 million queries
  • Facebook had 121 million queries
  • Ebay had 449 million queries
  • had 141 million queries

I often tell clients that search is expanding well beyond search engines. My own search habits have changed throughout the years, and I’m glad to see that destinations other than pure play search engines are showing up on these types of studies. I wonder if iTunes will make the list. I’m always searching for music and podcats via iTunes and rarely go to Google or anywhere else for this information.

To be fair, Google’s not going anywhere for a long time. Another interesting headline about Google’s popularity appeared in Ad Age today titled, “America Has Spoken: In Google We Trust“, which reports that Google has bumped Microsoft off the top of the list of the most reputable company in America, according to a recent Harris Interactive poll. Marketing Pilgrim also picked up this story this morning. In short, 82% of Americans feel that Google is a reputable brand. Google is the “best liked” company in America, winning out above Johnson & Johnson, Intel, General Mills and Kraft Foods. And all this without spending a dime on advertising. Long live the Internet!

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